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After the Pharaoh's Ball

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Gary Nickel 2006

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After the Pharaoh's Ball


Sculpted from a single piece of petrified wood this piece shows all of the rings of the ancient tree that grew more than 200 million years ago. The Sphinx-like depiction is reminiscent of an ancient Egyptian princess, still wearing her jewels from an evening millennia past. Her sunken eyes, set with 8 x 6 mm Madeira Citrines, show the rings of the ancient tree as they deepen. In her hair she wears a brooch made of a 10 mm Madeira Citrine ringed by eleven - 4 mm and five - 5 mm round white Topaz trailing down her veil. A superb quality (AAA+++), clean VVS, 18 mm, 19.63 carat, cushion cut, African Madeira Citrine is set in the base of the pyramid shaped marble base. (Height 8")

Item Name: After the Pharaoh's Ball
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