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See the complete catalog of the Gemstones in this collection.

Gemstones! Complete collection for sale. Retail value $125,000 for sale at less than wholesale!  

Rare opportunity to own an exotic gemstone collection. I am selling my gemstone collection of more than 125 gemstones from Alexandrites through giant Pearls, Spessartite Garnets, Rubies and Sapphires and more. Appraised and estimated retail value over $125,000; the normal wholesale/trade price would be more than $60,000 but they can be yours for only $37,500 or 30% of retail value.  

I am a gemstone artist and it has taken me years to put together this spectacular collection of very high quality gemstones. Now you can own the most unusual and distinctive collection of investment jewels imaginable. This collection is cataloged, labeled, housed in individual gemstone protective containers and held in three gemstone display cases. Each of these treasures catches the light in unimaginable ways. Very impressive.  

Buy this collection for a truly exotic display for your formal dining room or library; or buy this collection for your granddaughter for her college fund. This collection represents a spectacular way to instantly increase your balance sheet value.  

The catalogue of this collection is available for reading at my website and the gemstone collection itself is available for viewing at the Minneapolis area offices of my Certified Gemstone Appraiser. Contact me at I would prefer to sell the collection as a complete set but I will consider offers for partial lots.

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