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Northern Light

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Gary Nickel 2004

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Northern Light

Life in the North is tenuous at best; the balance of nature is precarious. The top-heavy design of the marble of the Northern Light depicts that dilemma; and the side view, with its reverse perspective shows the contradiction of the perception of the future opportunity of the North. Atop the steeple is a dark, polished piece of Madagascar Labradorite which when viewed from exactly the right perspective gives a promising flash of neon-like light that is stunning. But only that perspective reveals the truth. Off to the side, and more obviously representing the material allure of the North, is a more visible magnificent, 8x8 mm Madeira Citrine. The trail to the top; as if a trail to the Klondike, is represented by a dozen Silver Zircons. (Height: approx 10")

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