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Gary Nickel 2004

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Dungeons & Garnets

This fascinating piece is loaded with surprises. The foundation is a hand sculpted, rough, stone, clarion cauldron. Mounted inside on a bed of volcanic like ash and black sand sits a jumble of PYRITE in a slight WHITE QUARTZ matrix. The perfect, natural, cubic faces of the PYRITE reflect light from every angle. The PYRITE pile is encrusted with a variety of beautiful blood red MOZAMBIQUE and RHODOLITE GARNETS; in emerald, marquise, oval, princess, baguette and trillion shapes. A new GARNET awaits at every turn. A dozen GARNETS of various descriptions hide among the crags and at the top; a special checkerboard faced, trillion cut 10 mm, 3.7 carat MOZAMBIQUE GARNET with the best fire flash you can ever hope to see.

Then, off to the side, an aloof, separate island of PYRITE surprises you; its polished mirror face gleaming in the light with a beautiful, natural, SILVER ZIRCON set into its face. (Height 5 ")

All in all - a piece to garner attention.
Included gems and specimens:
- One 10 mm, 3.7 carat Mozambique Garnet Checkerboard face, Trillion cut
- One 3 mm Natural White Zircon
- Two 5x5 mm Baguette Garnets
- Two 3 mm Round Garnets
- Two 7x5 mm Oval Garnets
- One round 5 mm Garnet
- One 8x6 mm Baguettte Garnet
- Two 8x4 mm Marquise Garnets

Item Name: Dungeons and Garnets
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Price: $1,850                See our Shipping Policies