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Gary Nickel 2004

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Leo and Pisces

An opalized piece of petrified wood forms the raw material for this interesting sculpture. From one side the depiction is of a majestic lion, its carved mane showing the structure of the ancient wood, now turned to stone. In the mane are set forty-seven 3.5 mm Spessartite Garnets. The eye of the lion is a 10x8 mm, 3.36 carats, VVS type 1 (AAA+++), red-ish orange, very fine round cut, Madeira Citrine.


The other side of the sculpture shows a colorful fish with a 12x10 white Topaz. Twenty, half-oval, deep blue Iolites depict the scales of the fish. Behind the gills are four 3 mm Golden Beryls. (Height 6")

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