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Peregrine's Peridots

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Gary Nickel 2004

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Peregrine's Peridots

A marble aerie provides refuge for this carved, 400 carat Opal Peregrine falcon. The falcon is depicted watching her stash of Peridot gemstones. Peregrine falcons, once near extinction, have been successfully re-introduced and propagated, ironically, not in the wilds of Wyoming but in the high towers of downtown Metropolis. This sculpture predicts the future urbanization of these birds of prey with this Peregrine watching over her material possessions of collected baubles; in this case twenty-one Peridot gemstones ranging from 6x4 and 5x3 oval, 7x4 marquis and 7x5 emerald to a 5 mm round. (Height: approx 9")

Item Name: Peregrine's Peridots
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